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QMS Display Unit

The token display system is a system which is used to announce and display the required token number and counter number.

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Vehicle Tracking Device

The Vehicle Tracking System is designed for real-time GPS automobile tracking to display on map.

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Intelligent Humanoid robots developed for multi purposes.Robots for industries, pharmacies are available

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Smart Socket For Automation

Classic smart home automation product gives controls to various electrical equipments and systems through internet, wifi, etc

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Elephant Early Warning System

Best intrusion detection system for efficient elephant early warning by providing high quality sensor devices.

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Intruder Detection & Warning System

Security vigils are on a high note in protected areas like sensitive borders, forests, residences and offices of VVIP’s like state premiers etc.

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Wireless Model With Mobile Application

This integrates a mobile application with all the utilities of token calling machines.The Next button makes ascending sequential token calls and Recall button repeats the previous call.

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Smart Street Lights

Smart Street Lights solution highlights the lighting needs of the future smart cities. Enables smart cities with highly-efficient street light driving, advanced monitoring and remote control.

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Wireless Token Calling System

The wireless token calling system is a system which is used to announce and display the required token number for queue management.

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Cutting edge technological innovations have paved a superhighway for us to a multitude of products. We have been been experimenting and developing an enormous range of products in software, embedded electronics, robotics and IoT. Our products are widely used for surveillance, security, counting, monitoring and tracking purposes. Our smart home products are acclaiming reputation globally. Software products are ready to use and customised for vivid applications in the fields of medical, engineering, accounting, merchandise, establishments, industries and many more.


We provide custom products in software and hardware domains to effectively support client’s operations. Our specialty of providing Customization is the strong reason why we are the number one choice among our elite clients.

  • Consistent performance and accurate output
  • Robust make and highly durable
  • Highly secure modus operandi
  • Latest technology and plethora of features